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What makes a best open back headphones?

What Makes a Good Open Back Headphone?

Before you do head off to buy your open back headphone, I would suggest you know why you need it first and how you plan to use your device effectively.

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Ace your gaming challenge with open back headphones. Know how?


I am a hardcore gamer myself and have always been in desperate need of that one pair of open back headphones that would satisfy all my gaming needs.

Guessing that all of you guys who are from the same gaming fraternity also need so, here I have put some tips based on my personal experience that may help you in your next buy of that perfect pair of open back headphones.

However, before moving to the suggestions, let’s take a quick look at what is exactly an open back headphone about and how to differentiate it from others.

What is an open back headphone?

By the term itself, you may be able to comprehend the headphone. These headphones do not isolate your ears from the outside world. Instead, the advanced design cuts off on the distortions. What follows is seamless and realistic audio.

What should you consider while buying an open back headphone?

Koss UR40While you are off to your shopping spree of this indispensable gaming peripheral following are some of the factors that you might like to consider before you finally choose your gadget.

• Know your purpose:

It is very important for you completely understand and prioritize your goal of the device. For instance, where are you exactly going to use the gadget most frequently? If it is a quiet place as like that of home, then perhaps the open back headphone is the best choice you can do for you.

• Know your budget:

Price tags are a major issue when it comes to open back headphones. You may get to know that there is no huge variety of options as per prices. Mostly, the open systems come at a little higher end of cost than the closed ones. However, if that is not an issue I personally would suggest you to go by an open back headphone provided the premium service they provide is totally worth your money.

• Prioritize your needs:

If money and purpose both are in for buying an open back headphone, still you may like to consider what are your basic expectations while you carry on a gaming session. Is it comfort only? Is it wide sound resonance? Or is it great sound immersion?

Well, if the answer is yes for all, then I would say you should go with the open back headset. Although you may not get that soaking effect due to its open design, a powerful open sound system is a promise of a high-end open back headset.

• Check on sound quality:

akg k701If you are looking for a good open-back headphone, we are sure a wide and crisp audio sound is a first and foremost priority for you. It makes any game much easier to hear due to its wider sound range and increased variety of frequency. You would love thos smack sounds in the game or the whooshing sounds of the swords – and if you are playing a game like the GTA V, you can be sure of mhaving a city come back to real life.

However, along with all these positive points, you may find a single element to be a drawback. Open back headsets are not masters of bass explosions. They lack in creating that deep of sound many times.

• Check on the weight:

One of the best features of an ideal open back headset is that feels to be almost weightless. Hus, it is perfect if you are considering one for gaming as it is it requires long wear time.

• Look at the design:

Most of the times, you would find that an open back headset looks tremendously luxe. And that is why maybe this can be one of the reasons you would like to consider one.

I personally have been using Audeze LCD-2 for the last four months. Honestly, I have been satisfied with this product completely. There were just no nooks for me in this product. Using West African Shedua Wood to make handmade rings and leather for ear pads and headband the product just looks totally classy and definitely pricey.

• How is the performance of driver?

Considering a good open back headphone can be a little tricky. However, if the product you are considering to by assures you a high-end driver, you may convict that it is a good product. If your headphone is any of the planar or electrostatic headphones, it is good to go a long way.

While considering the basic efficiencies, you should not forget where a generally open back headphone lacks in. You may get to explore some really cool upgraded versions that may have modifications that have changed their product’s inefficiency of deep audio to a lower degree. Here is a sneak peak.

  • Inefficient noise cancellation: It is one of the challenges that you might face in an open back headset. However, you may get to see that the Audeze LCD-2 fairly does a good job in this department.
  • Inefficient portability: Although very light, due to its wide sound it may not be able to give you a perfect gaming system where you have too much of sound.
The Final Verdict:

I would highly recommend you to make a list of all your priorities and match them with the benefits of buying a high priced open back headset. You don’t need to go over a few hundred dollars for the right open back headphone. In fact, if you are just looking for good sound and some durability, you could get one for less than a hundred dollars.

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