HiFiMAN HE-350

Massdrop x HiFiMAN he-350 Review

Are you shopping for new headphones on Massdrop X? If so it can be tough to pick the right tones since there are so many options available. One that should be at the top of your list is the massdrop x hifiman he-350.


Massdrop has become a favorite commerce platform that includes many features like products, articles, polls and other content that provides for industries like audio. The company was founded half a decade ago in 2012 and is based in 2012.

Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 Audiophile Headphones


Best Features of the HiFiMAN HE-350

Why should you consider mass-drop x hifiman he-350 over tons of other headphones on the market? Here are some of the main features this model delivers:


  1. HE-300 Revived

HiFiMAN rolled out its HE-300 headphones back in 2010, and the young company founded in 2005 became a game-changer regarding the product’s value based on the low price and high quality. Last year the company revived its headphones with the HE-350. Fans have been waiting for this model since the HE-300 was discontinued after becoming a popular headphone among audiophiles. They won’t be disappointed with the HE-350 since it includes everything they loved about the previous model plus some new upgrades.


  1. Dynamic Drivers

The HE-350 has brand new dynamic drivers that are different from the HE-300 unit. This provides more detail, less distortion, and other benefits. This is a technical issue but one that’s important for anyone who’s serious about picking headphones that provide the best performance. It also takes the HE-350 to another level since the transducer has the critical role of converting electrical signals into acoustic signals.


  1. Cable Connectors/Plug

Here’s one of the significant upgrades of the unit from the HE-350. It provides more convenience for users, which is a plus for anyone who’s considering the HiFiMAN headphones. It might seem like an underlying issue, but for anyone looking for convenience in their next pair of headphones, it helps to make the HE-350 a great option.


  1. Lightweight

Another benefit of the HE-350 over the HE-300 is the weight of the model is much lower. This provides more comfortable for long sessions and also makes it easier to transport the headphones when you need to do that. They’re both key benefits that you’ll likely want to consider when picking a new pair of headphones. It’s especially true when you have to transport the unit a long distance or very often. In both situations, the HE-350 is an excellent option since it provides these perks.


  1. Color

This is a subtle change from the HE-300 but worth noting. The colorway has been tweaked from black and silver to black and gray. This provides a less over-stated color, which might be an option if you want to use the headphones in an office, for example.


  1. Affordable

The list price of the HE-350 is under $100. This doesn’t make it the cheapest pair of headphones on the market. That said, if you want your next pair of headphones to be affordable, then this is a good option. It’s exceptionally accessible for a couple of high-quality entry-level headphones.

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There’s no doubt the massdrop x hifiman he-350 is easily one of the top options for entry-level headphones. If you’re looking for a quality model under $100, then this is an outstanding choice.

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