Making Own Laptop Case

Is Making Your Own Laptop Case Worth It?

If you are ready to pull the plug on your current laptop case, you are either in the market for a new one, or you’ve been doing some considering.

And thanks to the emergence of social media giant, Pinterest, “do it yourself” has never been so popular.

Getting back to your laptop and case, should you DIY laptop cases or not, and is it even worth it?


Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

material for laptop case making


This really all depends on the person and who you are. If you are considering a new activity or a challenge, then why not? Then again, if you aren’t the “thrifty” type, who has little time and little patience, then it may not be worth your while.

There are a quite of few factors involved in answering this question and there is no right answer. Here’s how we came to that conclusion.



Which Is More Cost Effective?


You may be leaning towards buying one on this question, but don’t be so sure of yourself! For instance, many people have made fine laptop cases and sleeves out of the industrial fabric, Felt.

Why? Well, Felt has many advantages in using it. One, it can be made waterproof, which is crucial if you plan on walking with your laptop outdoors. It’s also flame retardant, and relatively cheap. Strong and flexible, Felt like Neoprene, which is used in many laptop cases could be just as or even more cost effective than going out and buying a new one.

tutorialOn the other side of the fence, is durability. Because companies use machinery and therefore their products will most likely be built properly and longer lasting, will do it yourself laptop cases withstand the test of time? It should, if you use the right material such as:


  • Thread.
  • Inner lining fabric.
  • Material like Neoprene and Felt which ranges in cost from $2-$10 for a roll.
  • Glue and sewing machine.
  • Velcro
  • Solid sheers.


Is it Worth My Time Or Should I Just Run Into A Store?

This is why there is no clear answer. What one may find rewarding and worth it, will be completely different from what you think is beneficial.

Depending on how carried away you plan on getting with the case, you may spend just as little as ten minutes on doing it yourself or you could be looking at an hour. This depends on your thrift and speed.


Pro’s Of DIY


  • It’s fun.
  • It’s more personal and has your special touch.
  • You may save money depending on what you spend for materials.
  • You may save time if you have the know-how and experience in sewing.


Cons Of DIY


  • Could be time-consuming if you don’t have the thrift skills.
  • You may not get as durable of a product.
  • You could end up spending twice the money if you don’t make the case right.
  • You may ruin your laptop if you use the wrong materials.


Build Your Own Computer Case

The Final Words


If you are someone who has a laptop, you enjoy making new things and taking on new projects, then yes, making your own laptop case is very worth it. Most new cases will cost you anywhere from $14-$35. You can find material for half that price and make a completely “YOU” laptop case.

If you aren’t into making stuff with your hands, you may want to consider a site like Caseable, who specializes in customizing your next laptop case. It’s simple, you just go to their site, choose a design, choose the type of laptop, and create away.

So in the end, the answer is yes and no. It is worth it with the right skill-set, but not worth the aggravation if you simply lack the DIY mentality.


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