Rockman Bass Ace Headphone Amp – Review

One of the toughest aspects of trying to be a creative musician that plays in a loud rock band is the fact that I can hardly find the time to write. Since I like to play in a loud band, when I write, I want to have some volume and power behind me. Not to say that I always have to have my Orange full stack on 10 just to try and come up with a few riffs, but I definitely like to have enough volume that it probably becomes disturbing to anyone in my home or that I am with. There are all kinds of amps that have headphone jacks, but they usually drop a lot of tonal integrity when earbuds are plugged in. Rockman offers a product to solve all of your volume issues.

The Rockman Bass Ace Headphone Amp is an excellent product. Unlike other devices that claim to let you play in the quiet without disturbing others, this one actually sounds great because it allows for at least a little bit of significant tweaking.


The Rockman Headphone Amps actually have compression built-in so you can generate incredible tone as soon as it is turned on. This thing is really simple to use and offers no headache between the early morning hours and your creative spirit. It actually has EQ capability with boosts for treble and mid-range.

The best part about this pedal is the fact that it is so small. While being able to fit in your pocket or clip to your belt literally, it is absolutely stunning how massive the sound is. In your own ears, you sound like you are playing in the studio. If this is not important for a writing musician, then I don’t know what it is!

Wait! It gets even better. The Rockman Bass Ace Headphone Amp is actually really cheap. I expected to find some price gouging in an attempt to take advantage of desperate musicians with no outlet for their creative needs. This thing is seriously just $80 brand new. Stop having the neighbors call the cops on you at 3am and look into this headphone amp!

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