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Buying Canon Full Frame Lens: Is It Worth It?

You cannot deny the fact that most of the famous and talented photographers claimed that a full frame lens had helped them a lot in improving their photos. So, if you are interested in buying a prime lens but you are still contemplating, let me present you some advantages of merits you can enjoy when you go full frame.


When it comes to choosing lenses, a photographer is presented with two significant choices: the full frame lenses and the crop sensors. Most of you must’ve asked the same question, “What are full frame lenses? How is it different from crop sensors? What are the advantages?” Here are the following benefits you can enjoy should you invest in Canon full frame lenses for your DSLR camera.



  1. Better control of resolution and noise


Cameras that offer larger pixels will, of course, provide high-resolution images at high ISO sensitivities compared to cropped-sensor cameras. A Larger pixel can capture a significant amount of light proportion. As a result, unwanted noise is lessened, and the image is both brighter and brighter. Hence, it seems reasonable to say that full-frame users will not only provide you a high-quality image at high ISO settings but it can also help in controlling the light level as well. Shooting with smaller and more delicate details will be a lot easier for you despite the noise level.

Better control of resolution and noise


  1. High ISO performance


As what we’ve mentioned above, the more significant pixels of a full frame lens can lessen the noise even with high ISOs. Using a full frame lens can help in improving the noise level of your camera compared to a crop sensor camera. Hence, you don’t need to worry about noise reduction anymore if you tend to go on full frame.


High ISO performance


  1. Better control of depth of field


One of the overlooked benefits of a full frame is the better control of your depth of field. Always remember that the more significant sensor will not cause any changes to the extent of field of an image but it can since you are required to move closer to your subject, it will result in a smoother and flawless bokeh.


Canon control of depth of field


  1. Effective focal length


If you tend to compare a full-frame body from a cropped sensor, you will most likely point the difference that the cropped-sensor cameras are applying what we called the “crop factor” to the lens. Hence, the smaller part of the length is only used. As a result, it will give you an illusion that a 50mm lens is captured using an 80mm one.


If you are shooting a particular subject, it may be useful, but if you are into architectural projects and landscape design, this is not very effective. You are required to use a wide-angle lens to get a better shot. But if you tend to use the lens on a full-frame body ranging from 17-40mm, you will most likely capture the subject in the same wide-angle view, and your effective focal length jumps. In short, there is only a limited amount of image you can fit into the scene.


Effective focal length


  1. Improved brightness of the viewfinder


Because the Canon full frame lenses are a bit larger compared to crop sensors, rest assured that the brightness of your viewfinder will improve. This feature is very convenient when shooting especially in dim places.


Improved brightness of the viewfinder

  1. Low noise for high ISO performance


Compared to the standard APS-C sized sensors, canon full frame lenses provides larger pixels that can help in minimizing the noise even if you are shooting at high ISO. Hence, it seems reasonable to say that the sensitivity is improved. The gapless nature of this full frame lens can collect more light from the surface of the sensor. The low-light performance of your camera is improved, allowing you to take great photos.


Low noise for high ISO performance


  1. Shooting flash free


You cannot deny the fact that once there is only limited light; you will rely on the cameras flash. However, most of the time, using the camera’s solid state results in unpleasant and distorted photos. Using Canon full frame lens will not require you to use your flash anymore when you are shooting. You can shoot handheld and capture the image with soft light without compromising the details and characters of the picture. As a result, you get to capture breath-taking low-light photographs. If you are into twilight landscapes or intimate images, the Canon full frame lens is what you are looking for.


Shooting flash free


  1. Better control of depth of field


Canon full frame lens will help you to have better control when it comes to depth of field. You can use the same angle of view and the exact aperture settings to create images with a shallower depth of field compared to the APS-C sensors or crop sensors of other DSLRs. Hence, it makes it easier for you to shoot subjects with pin-sharp details and characters against a dull or blurred background. It seems reasonable to say that Canon full frame lens is perfect for creating compelling and stunning portraits aside from landscape photographs.


Canon full frame lens is both useful in landscape and portraits. It is also handy in shooting low-light places and dark backgrounds. Considering the benefits above of using a prime lens, you should consider upgrading your camera. Zooming in and out with your feet doesn’t make any difference in zooming in and out using the lens. It gives you an opportunity to experiment and be creative in taking pictures. Shooting great landscape and portrait images don’t need to be fancy and expensive through the help of Canon full frame lens that can provide you with almost everything you need in one package.


Now that you know the benefits of buying a Canon full frame lens, you should think about it. The benefits above can be advantageous for a photographer, regardless if you are still a beginner or a pro already. Full-frame lens and cropped sensors work differently for every photographer. Choosing the one that is most suitable for you and your shooting skills can help you in making proper product-informed decisions.

Massdrop x HiFiMAN he-350 Review

Are you shopping for new headphones on Massdrop X? If so it can be tough to pick the right tones since there are so many options available. One that should be at the top of your list is the massdrop x hifiman he-350.


Massdrop has become a favorite commerce platform that includes many features like products, articles, polls and other content that provides for industries like audio. The company was founded half a decade ago in 2012 and is based in 2012.

Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 Audiophile Headphones


Best Features of the HiFiMAN HE-350

Why should you consider mass-drop x hifiman he-350 over tons of other headphones on the market? Here are some of the main features this model delivers:


  1. HE-300 Revived

HiFiMAN rolled out its HE-300 headphones back in 2010, and the young company founded in 2005 became a game-changer regarding the product’s value based on the low price and high quality. Last year the company revived its headphones with the HE-350. Fans have been waiting for this model since the HE-300 was discontinued after becoming a popular headphone among audiophiles. They won’t be disappointed with the HE-350 since it includes everything they loved about the previous model plus some new upgrades.


  1. Dynamic Drivers

The HE-350 has brand new dynamic drivers that are different from the HE-300 unit. This provides more detail, less distortion, and other benefits. This is a technical issue but one that’s important for anyone who’s serious about picking headphones that provide the best performance. It also takes the HE-350 to another level since the transducer has the critical role of converting electrical signals into acoustic signals.


  1. Cable Connectors/Plug

Here’s one of the significant upgrades of the unit from the HE-350. It provides more convenience for users, which is a plus for anyone who’s considering the HiFiMAN headphones. It might seem like an underlying issue, but for anyone looking for convenience in their next pair of headphones, it helps to make the HE-350 a great option.


  1. Lightweight

Another benefit of the HE-350 over the HE-300 is the weight of the model is much lower. This provides more comfortable for long sessions and also makes it easier to transport the headphones when you need to do that. They’re both key benefits that you’ll likely want to consider when picking a new pair of headphones. It’s especially true when you have to transport the unit a long distance or very often. In both situations, the HE-350 is an excellent option since it provides these perks.


  1. Color

This is a subtle change from the HE-300 but worth noting. The colorway has been tweaked from black and silver to black and gray. This provides a less over-stated color, which might be an option if you want to use the headphones in an office, for example.


  1. Affordable

The list price of the HE-350 is under $100. This doesn’t make it the cheapest pair of headphones on the market. That said, if you want your next pair of headphones to be affordable, then this is a good option. It’s exceptionally accessible for a couple of high-quality entry-level headphones.

high-end audio


There’s no doubt the massdrop x hifiman he-350 is easily one of the top options for entry-level headphones. If you’re looking for a quality model under $100, then this is an outstanding choice.

Is Having A 1000$ Headphone Worth All The Money?

World's Best HeadphoneThere are probably a lot of things that you would overspend on to buy. You would consider the quality of the product or the need of it to be of such value to you that you would be willing to spend in excess of $1000 to be able to own.

The question that many would have is if a pair of headphones is worth spending $1000 on. If you get down to it, headphones are supposed to be an accessory for your main device. Whether you are talking about getting a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, the fact remains that you likely purchased those headphones to be an accessory to provide you with great sound while you’re listening to music, watching videos, or talking on the phone.

Is it worth?

It is for use with devices like this that it would seem quite ridiculous to spend $1000 on a set of headphones. Who needs to spend that much money to be able to talk to their aunt in Battle Creek, Michigan or to listen to the latest hit single on YouTube?

Clearly, unless you are a person who is so overwhelmed with the quality of sound that they receive that they simply can’t live without a pair of headphones like this, then this is not an expenditure that really makes sense. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of us break our headphones within a year or two, so spending that amount of money just doesn’t make sense.

However, for one group of people it does make a great deal of sense. If you are a person who is involved in the music industry, whether you are talking about is an artist, DJ, record producer, or other music related profession, then having an absolutely sensational pair of headphones is absolutely essential for you to be able to do your job.

These headphones provide you with the trust and purest natural quality to the sound that you are listening to, so you can be sure that the mix or editing of the music is coming across exactly as it should be. This is mandatory.

For people who are in professions like this, the fine detail of the music or sound is absolutely essential in making sure that the track is as it should be. The smallest little imperfection can be a huge deal to the artist, and this is why having the best quality headphones is a great idea.

$1000 Earphones

Tips Before Buying an Expensive Headphones

If you are a person who is deciding that you need a pair of headphones like this, then you have likely already done your research so that you know what are the best options available out there. You are not going to spend that kind of money on something without doing your homework, so a lot of tips and key factors to consider simply aren’t necessary.

However, there are a couple of things that need to be considered before making your decision. The most important of these is going to be related to protection. Not only are there businesses and organizations out there where you can buy your headphones from and ensure you get an exceptional warranty or protection plan, but some even provide insurance if the headphones get stolen. This may be an absolute necessity because losing these headphones may be an expense that you simply can’t afford again. Look into this before making a decision.

Also, you want to get a set that really matches upon the style of sound production that you are going to produce. For those who are hip-hop or rap artists or editors, you may want a pair that really gives you the ability to hear deep bass sounds when making tracks.

It is also beneficial to see if there are software packages that come with the headphones that can assist you in getting the best quality sound out of the headphones. This not only gives you the ability to mix this kind of sound you’re getting, but alter it in other ways that may appeal to you.



As with the previous section, giving you recommendations on which headphones to buy is kind of unnecessary. You probably already have a very clear idea on what would be a great set of headphones, and so recommending one or two as better than the others makes no sense. The best advice that can be given to you is to trust what works best for you, and not be talked into something that you know isn’t ideal for you or your profession.

Is Making Your Own Laptop Case Worth It?

If you are ready to pull the plug on your current laptop case, you are either in the market for a new one, or you’ve been doing some considering.

And thanks to the emergence of social media giant, Pinterest, “do it yourself” has never been so popular.

Getting back to your laptop and case, should you DIY laptop cases or not, and is it even worth it?


Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

material for laptop case making


This really all depends on the person and who you are. If you are considering a new activity or a challenge, then why not? Then again, if you aren’t the “thrifty” type, who has little time and little patience, then it may not be worth your while.

There are a quite of few factors involved in answering this question and there is no right answer. Here’s how we came to that conclusion.



Which Is More Cost Effective?


You may be leaning towards buying one on this question, but don’t be so sure of yourself! For instance, many people have made fine laptop cases and sleeves out of the industrial fabric, Felt.

Why? Well, Felt has many advantages in using it. One, it can be made waterproof, which is crucial if you plan on walking with your laptop outdoors. It’s also flame retardant, and relatively cheap. Strong and flexible, Felt like Neoprene, which is used in many laptop cases could be just as or even more cost effective than going out and buying a new one.

tutorialOn the other side of the fence, is durability. Because companies use machinery and therefore their products will most likely be built properly and longer lasting, will do it yourself laptop cases withstand the test of time? It should, if you use the right material such as:


  • Thread.
  • Inner lining fabric.
  • Material like Neoprene and Felt which ranges in cost from $2-$10 for a roll.
  • Glue and sewing machine.
  • Velcro
  • Solid sheers.


Is it Worth My Time Or Should I Just Run Into A Store?

This is why there is no clear answer. What one may find rewarding and worth it, will be completely different from what you think is beneficial.

Depending on how carried away you plan on getting with the case, you may spend just as little as ten minutes on doing it yourself or you could be looking at an hour. This depends on your thrift and speed.


Pro’s Of DIY


  • It’s fun.
  • It’s more personal and has your special touch.
  • You may save money depending on what you spend for materials.
  • You may save time if you have the know-how and experience in sewing.


Cons Of DIY


  • Could be time-consuming if you don’t have the thrift skills.
  • You may not get as durable of a product.
  • You could end up spending twice the money if you don’t make the case right.
  • You may ruin your laptop if you use the wrong materials.


Build Your Own Computer Case

The Final Words


If you are someone who has a laptop, you enjoy making new things and taking on new projects, then yes, making your own laptop case is very worth it. Most new cases will cost you anywhere from $14-$35. You can find material for half that price and make a completely “YOU” laptop case.

If you aren’t into making stuff with your hands, you may want to consider a site like Caseable, who specializes in customizing your next laptop case. It’s simple, you just go to their site, choose a design, choose the type of laptop, and create away.

So in the end, the answer is yes and no. It is worth it with the right skill-set, but not worth the aggravation if you simply lack the DIY mentality.


How to Get the Best Deal on a Laptop

A laptop can be a big purchase. The last thing that you want to do is throw down a few hundred dollars and find out later that the same laptop is now 30 percent cheaper. To avoid this problem and save a lot of money on your next laptop purchase, here are some quick ways to save:

laptop deals

Consider Older Models – Like a car, laptops consistently change on a frequent basis. By purchasing last year’s model, not only will you save money, you’ll basically be getting the same computer that manufacture is offering today. The only difference may be a different processor, a new look or even a new graphics card.

Refurbished – Refurbished laptops often get confused with a used laptop. Keep in mind that this usually isn’t the case. With a refurbished laptop, the manufacturer will update the entire laptop to make it look and work like new again. The great thing about refurbished models is not only are they cheaper, they will have warranties that can protect your purchase for a few years. All companies will vary.

Wait for Sales – Did you know that the cheapest month to purchase a laptop is in November? Gadgets and gifts are usually seasonal. The reason for this is based on the fact that November is filled with big shopping days such as Black Friday. If you have the patience to wait for the holidays or big shopping days, you will find that the wait could be worth it.

Coupons and Comparison – The Internet is filled with many great shopping comparison tools. If you have your heart set on a particular model, take advantage of comparison engines. There’s a rather good chance that there are countless retailers selling in. When you do find a retailer with a low-cost, search for a coupon code on top of it. The longer you research, the more you should be able to save.

It’s hard to time the lowest price possible for a laptop. By taking the time to implement a few of these tips, you should be able to find that you’ll save a lot more than if you just walked into a store today and purchased a random laptop.